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      Product Name : In-line Reflow Furnace Radiance

      In-line Reflow Furnace Radiance capability profile

      Fine control: ± 2 degrees Centigrade
      • And low heat design response time fast, this stove can be up to spread all over the whole conveyer belt averagely and make temperature reach necessary tempera Turing of ±2 degrees.
      The believable one
      • Very high-temperature heater, and the stainless steel fan guarantees to have long performance life.
      • The reliable motor is installed in the district of avoiding high-temperately, so, all heating area can be guaranteed to use for 2 years.
      The nitrogen protecting
      • Use the nitrogen to so as to ensure good welding quality , and use the good nitrogen to keep the design of room , and can reuse some
      • The nitrogen is retrieved . The content of the oxygen can be limited to 50PPM.
      Customer's software easy to use
      • It is apt to operate and have figures to show different and interval temperature that software design accords with the user.
      • Make the use accuse of the screen and operate the apt number value of changing and must be established, prevent the layman from touching by mistake .

      In-line Reflow Furnace Radiance specifications form

      According your products requirement to manutacturing equipment


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